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That is not yet another site that offers cheap properties in Bulgaria. This site shows offers for properties that are sold by judicial officers. In other words, someone had a mortgage but (s)he couldn't handle it and the bank took over the property. According to the Bulgarian Laws the Banks are obliged to offer the property to an auction. Because of the crisis there are many properties on auction and few buyers. That leeds to very low prices of the propertis. For example, 2 bedroom apartment on the Black Sea Coast can be bought under 10'000 pounds (~50 sq.m. and 200 pounds per square meter). That is right! 200 pounds per square meter!!!

All properties are listed in the official site of the Judical Officers Chamber in bulgaria.

This is NOT a scam! I am your trsuted representative. All you have to do is choose your future property. My obligation will be to make a full Due Dilligence of the property, make photos and give you a detailed report.

For my services of due dilligence I will take 500 UK pounds per property which are non refundable! This small fee will save you thousands of pounds in the future.

Kremikovtzi Monastery Church SofiaDuring the process of initial choosing your future property I will Đ°ssist you for free.

After you choose a property, you pay the fee and I will make the due dilligence. If the property is what you expected to be, you will send me 10% of price of the property to participate in the auction.

Flexible search - browse properties according to whatever criteria you like.

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Happy property buying and selling!

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